Levitra (Vardenafil HCI) is one of the most effective impotence treatments presently available on the market that is approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). One of the main reasons this ED medication is taking on erectile dysfunction by store is because it is the fastest acting ED pill on the market. One Levitra, taken 30 minutes prior to sexual activity will become effective after only 16 minutes. Levitra will provide for you that long lasting, hard erection for five hours. That is five hours of pure sexual satisfaction.

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When you take Levitra, certain enzymes in your body will be inhibited. These enzymes are known as PDE5. Their job is to stop blood flow to the penis which occurs after sexual stimulation. In many men, the effects of PDE5 become so strong that they cannot even achieve an erection or have troubles maintaining one. By taking Levitra, you can overcome the effects of PDE5 and start having healthy, quality erections in no time. Levitra (Vardenafil HCI) will not cause you to become erect without sexual stimulation. However, it can help you get firm, long-lasting erections when the mood is right.

Want another reason why it is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction? Here is another one – unlike Levitra’s chief competitors, Cialis and Viagra, you do not need to go on a low calorie, low fat diet to retain the effectiveness of the medication. Cialis and Viagra caution that to retain the full effectiveness of the medication, men need to change their diet to one that is low in fat and calories. Fatty foods and foods high in calories can increase the likelihood of blockages in the blood vessels. When Levitra opens up blood vessels for blood to flow to the penis, the blockages makes it more difficult for blood to flow to the penis, making it more difficult to achieve and maintain an erection. Even though a balanced, healthy diet is always a recommended choice among medical professionals, while on Levitra, do not need to worry about what you are eating and how it might affect the effectiveness of the medication.

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After years on the market, generic Levitra (Vardenafil HCI) has proven to be safe in all healthy adult men and rarely cause serious side effects. However, Levitra is not for everyone. You shouldn’t take Levitra if you have been told it is unsafe for you to have sex. Also, don’t take Levitra without first discussing your medical history with your doctor. It may not be safe to take Levitra if you have heart, eye, penis, or other health problems. If your doctor decides it is safe for you to take Levitra, you will be given a prescription and can start improving your life right away. Take Levitra once in a 24 hour period and you will notice what a difference a pill can make. Do not take more than once in 24 hours to lower the possibility of severe side effects. If the current dosage does not work for you, a medical professional will give you options about increasing the dosage of Levitra (Vardenafil HCI).