Levitra 20mg

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions experienced by men who are in their forties. This is the condition wherein the strand of arteries that carries blood to the penis displays poor blood circulation. One of the most common causes of this sexual dysfunction is the poor or deteriorating health conditions that are suffered by men during this period in their life. Some of the conditions that cause this dysfunction are high level of cholesterol and high levels of blood sugar. The drug called Levitra is one of the aphrodisiacs that are used by men that are experiencing erectile dysfunction.


Levitra 20mg is one of the many erectile dysfunction medications that are available. It is guaranteed to provide temporary treatment for erectile dysfunctions. The use of Levitra 20mg for men has the following pros:

Safe for Diabetics

The use of Levitra 20mg is most preferred by doctors who suffers erectile dysfunction and diabetes. The abnormal condition of the body of a diabetic restricts the cells in the body to absorb certain ingredients that are present in other aphrodisiacs disabling its effect, while the active ingredients of Levitra 20mg are not rejected by the cells making it more appropriate for men with erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

Effective Even When Taken On An Empty Stomach

The users of order Levitra 20mg liked the product because they don’t have to suffer from hunger just to take it. The only thing about it is that the ingredients of Levitra are sensitive to the contents of some food and alcohol. It must also be taken when eating foods with high fat content because it slows down the effect of the drug.

A shorter time to take effect

The generic Levitra 20mg that is easily absorbs by the body. The fast absorption speeds up its effect in the body. Normally other brands take about an hour for a man to feel its full effect. However, in Levitra it only needs an approximate of 15 minutes for its full effect to be felt and last for about four hours.

Safe to use

Levitra 20mg is safe to use. Compared to other brands that target erectile dysfunction, the Levitra does not have the same amount and intensity of side effect such as tinted vision for men with no cardio-vascular conditions.


Despite of the pros of using Levitra 20mg, it also has its cons.

Levitra has a relatively shorter effect time compared to other products.

It is not preferred for men with cardio vascular health conditions.

It may not take full effect for bodies with high cholesterol or fat deposits.

Sexual intercourse is the most common way for couples to express their love. But without the capacity of the man to come to an erection the full pleasure of sexual intercourse cannot be experienced by either of the couple. Using aphrodisiacs such as Levitra, men in their early and even late 40 and beyond can still enjoy the pleasures of having sex same as their first time.