Levitra Dosage

Levitra is a drug which can help a person in achieving and maintaining an erection if he suffers from erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction generally occurs with age or certain types of medical conditions like hardening of arteries, diabetes, high blood pressure, or even spinal cord injuries. Levitra is a drug which increases blood flow to the penis and makes it hard so as to have sexual intercourse. Levitra is available in different dosages like 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg and it is always advisable to start with the lowest dosage.

Instructions on Consumption of Levitra Pills:

The Levitra dosage should be scheduled one hour prior to having sexual intercourse. It takes about fifteen minutes to thirty minutes for the pill to take effect.

One should always stick with a dosage prescribed by the doctor and the pill should be consumed with water. The dosage should be increased or decreased without consulting the doctor.

Even though, the buy Levitra helps in achieving an erection but one should keep in mind that it is not aphrodisiac which means that one cannot have sex unless there is sexual desire. After taking Levitra online, little bit of penis stimulation is necessary in order to achieve a full erection.

The pill should not be consumed twice in one day.

Finding the correct dosage usually takes some time and if there is any concern regarding the effectiveness of the drug, the doctor should be consulted. It is always a good idea to provide the doctor with the list of medications the person is taking. There are certain types of drugs used for treating heart conditions or high blood pressure which interfere with the working of Levitra and create complications. Once the person is over with the sexual intercourse, the penis generally returns to its flaccid state. In case, the person still continues to have an erection for more than four hours, immediate medical care is required as it can permanently damage the penile tissues. Apart from that medical assistance would be required if the person experiences severe side-effects after consumption of the pill.