Levitra online

The effectiveness of Levitra has been proven in two placebo-controlled trials, which was attended by over 500 people aged 18 to 89 years. All patients received a fixed dose of Levitra 20 mg and 10 mg. The study consisted of two courses, which lasted for four weeks.

More than half of the patients suffered from concomitant diseases: hypertension, diabetes and dislepidemiey. According to the results of both studies vardenafil has demonstrated a significant improvement of sexual function of men and excellent tolerability. Levitra has proved effective in 87% of all cases.

Can I buy Levitra online?

You can order Levitra online and take the drug themselves. However, in order to ensure its safety for your health, you should know that vardenafil should not be taken for certain diseases. Here are the main diseases that require treatment to a specialist: severe disorders of the liver, stomach ulcer, hypotension, hereditary degenerative diseases of the genitourinary system, diseases of the kidneys, as well as some blood disorders.

You can buy Levitra online in various dosages: 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. Levitra is usually appointed at a dosage of 10 mg, but there are exceptions. Men by the age of 65 should begin therapy with 5 mg of vardenafil. If Levitra is combined with erythromycin, ketakonazolom, indinavir, ritonavir and itraconazole, the initial dosage should not exceed 5 mg.

If vardenafil is used in conjunction with alpha-blockers, in this case the possible development of symptomatic hypotension. That’s why vardenafil 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg should be used no earlier than 6 hours after administration of alpha-blocker. It is absolutely unacceptable to use of vardenafil with nitrates, because it can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure. Levitra does not restrict patients’ eating habits; vardenafil tablet may be taken as an empty and full stomach. The benefit of this drug is also in the fact that generic Levitra does not lose its effectiveness when taken with alcohol. Duration of its action on the order of magnitude higher than in the promoted brand Viagra: 6-8 hours, and the main active ingredient – Vardenafil – more mildly affects on the body. Millions of men have seen this in practice, so it is possible that Levitra online is exactly what you need.